How to install multiple custom watchfaces (no root)


Custom watchfaces for Huawei Watch GT and Huawei Watch GT 2? Yes, perfect feature. But officially you can install only one custom watchface to your watch (once you upload new custom watchface, old one is removed). There is elegant solution for rooted smartphones, but today i will also show you solution for smartphones without root. It is not elegant, but it works…

For rooted smartphones it is easy to install more custom watchfaces, but for smartphones without root solution is not such elegant. There is lot of factors – which device you use with Huawei Watch GT | Watch GT 2 and also what Android version you have in your device. Some guys are using TaiChi (maybe i will provide TaiChi tutorial aswell, it is working for most the smartphones except Huawei), but i am using VirtualXposed. You dont need root, but your device must have Android Oreo or some of previous Android versions.

1. download this package
2. install VirtualXposed and launch the application
3. in VirtualXposed install rest of apps from package and enable both modules in settings
4. start Health application (still in VirtualXposed), log to your Huawei ID(you dont need Chinese Huawei ID), pair your watch with your device and you can start uploading your watchfaces

You can install many watchfaces to Huawei Watch GT 2 but Huawei Watch GT has limited internal storage, so you can also install multiple custom watchfaces, but only those with smaller size.

Steps described by me works without problems when i connect Huawei Watch GT 2 with Huawei P9. If something is not working for you, than you can try different version of VirtualXposed. I am sure that more combinations works, but i select one which is working for me. The biggest problem for me was first connection between Huawei Watch GT 2 and Huawei P9, i start pairing in Bluetooth settings, than i switch to Health application in stock Huawei app drawer and than i swithc to Health in VirtualXposed. Also VirtualXposed sometimes crash, Huawei P9 is not the most powerfull device for those experiments.