About HuaweiWatchGT.com

My name is Jozef and i am big fan of Huawei products for many years. I am regulary recording videos about Huawei on YouTube. During 2018 Huawei officialy announcement Watch GT than during 2019 also Watch GT 2 and sell several milion of those smartwatches. I think that owners of Huawei Watch GT, Watch GT 2, Watch GT 2e and Watch GT 2 Pro needs dedicated place with all informations, so i created HuaweiWatchGT.com.

From the start you can find many usefull articles here, i attach list below. Many users are interesting about installing new watchfaces, i will also provide regulary informations about updates for Watch GT, Watch GT 2, Watch GT 2e and Watch GT 2 Pro aswell as informations about new versions of Huawei Health application, which is available for Android and iOS too. If you have any tips how to improve the site or any other tips related to content of this site, you can write me (jozef.cmar@gmail.com). Thanks for visiting my site and hope that you will find everything important for your Huawei Watch GT | Watch GT 2 | Watch GT 2e and Watch GT 2 Pro here. If you like my website, you can follow my Huawei & EMUI YouTube. Jozef