Huawei Watch 3 Series & Android Apps Installation tutorial

The watch offers 16 GB of internal storage, 2 GB of RAM and a significantly more powerful processor when compared to previous models. Once launched, you can look forward to the Harmony operating system, which at first glance is not very different from the environment you will find in our previous models. And now you can install Android apps (APK files)!

1. download and install Minimal ADB & Fastboot
2. in watch enable Developer options (click multiple times on firmware build number in watch)
3. in Developer options enable Debugging HDC and also Debug via Wi-Fi (watch will show you IP adress, your will need it later, if adress is not shown than turn off Wi-Fi and than connect to Wi-Fi again)
4. in your PC (ADB folder, in my case it is Program Files/Minimal ADB and Fastboot) start command line
5. adb connect xxx (replace xxx with your specific ip adress shown on watch like 123.456.0.789:5555), confirm connection on watch
6. adb shell pm disable-user (this enable manual apps installation)
7. move APK files you want to install to ADB folder (in my case Program Files/Minimal ADB and Fastboot)
8. adb install xxx.apk (replace xxx with name of APK file you are installing, for example adb install Vanced.apk)
9. wait for app installation, it takes some time (depend on size of APK file)
10. adb shell pm enable (this disable manual apps installation, better for security)